Laura Katz : American Watercolorist

L A U R A   K A T Z  :  American Watercolorist

After 25 years in Manhattan, Laura Katz has settled into a 100 year old farmhouse in Woodstock  A career styling Collections of wallpaper and textiles has provided immersion in the realm of color and design.  The elements were in place and painting on a more personal level was a natural evolution.  Moving from the world of interiors to the outside has proved exhilarating.

Preferring to paint "en plein air" Laura's subjects are often taken from simple scenes of home and garden, as well as the beauty of the Hudson Valley.  The landscapes are complemented by figures that capture nuances and create an intimacy between the painting's subject and the viewer.  The immediacy of the watercolor creates a sense of spontaneity.  There is a freshness and light that evoke the joys of the natural world.

Recent works have been inspired by travel, focusing on peaceful images of sea and shore. Light glistens on the waters and the mood is one of tranquility. The paintings provide a peaceful retreat from challenging times.